What is ITFF?

ITFF is the Swedish Internet Foundation's technical forum where the federation operator presents technical news and developments regarding the federations. The purpose of the forum is to give participants an opportunity to give feedback and ask questions to the federation operator, and to discuss federation related matters with other participants.

Usually there is a topic or presentation of the day, but otherwise the meeting agenda is held short to encourage discussion and questions. Everyone is welcome to participate - both members of the federations and non-members.

Note that the scope of the meeting is of technical nature. If you have non-technical questions, please contact the federation helpdesk (info@skolfederation.se or info@sambi.se). 

News, changes and roadmap is then presented on this wiki. Note that important technical news and updates will be communicated through the technical newsletter of the federation

ITFF meetings in 2023





How do I access the meeting?

No registration required, just take note of the date and time of the meeting and click the "Connect to meeting" link below. Don't forget to add a booking in your calendar. ITFF use Zoom for it's meetings.

Connect to Zoom meeting

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