In Skolfederation information for identification and authorization of the subject can be sent as attributes in the SAML Assertion. In the context of Skolfederation these attributes are defined in the Skolfederation attribute profile. Adherence of the profile for sending attributes is highly recommended for interoperability in the federation.

The profile is developed and maintained by the Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS, technical committee SIS/TK450. 

The current version of the attribute profile can be found below.

Attribute release should always be done in accordance to GDPR. Always customize the attribute releases per SAML SP in your IdP solution. Never release more than required, and do not release everything to everyone.

Which service requires which attributes?

Service providers present their requested attributes here. Please note that attributes are updated by Skolfederation service providers at their discretion, which may lead to inconsistencies. 

Missing an attribute in the attribute profile?

Please contact us at with information.
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