Assurance levels for Skolfederation

Currently, the trust levels "Bas" and "2FA" are applied within Skolfederation. 

Bas - approved member of Skolfederation

Bas does not entail any other requirements than those that come with membership in Skolfederation. Bas is implied if no assurance level is signaled.


2FA – Two-factor authentication

The protection class for e-identities and issuance of identity certificates whose level of protection corresponds to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection's requirements for strong authentication when an IT system is accessible via the Internet, and the system contains sensitive information. Skolfederation does not review compliance with the requirement; this is the responsibility of the school organiser.


Managing assurance levels

The document "Hantering av tillitsnivåer" describes how assurance levels are requested and signaled between Identity Providers and Service Providers. 


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