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The Sambi wiki is under construction! Meanwhile, find your missing technical Sambi details over at https://sambi.se

Sambi is an identity and access federation for the Swedish healthcare sector. More information about Sambi can be found at sambi.se.

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Sambi components, standards and relations

Below you can find an illustration of Sambi and it's different components, standards, and the relations inbetween. 

Sambi's SAML2 federation consists of a central metadata containing all members' SAML Identity Provider and Service Provider metadata. The technical requirements set on members' SAML implementations as well as the metadata is currently defined in agreement appendix 2: technical requirements, and is the key technical requirement document for the SAML2 federation. However, in the future this will be replaced by the WebSSO Technical Profile, currently implemented in Skolfederation. The Attribute Profile defines rules and requirements for which attributes are to be used in the federation (i.e. sent in the SAML Assertion).

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