Technical Profile

As of March 8th 2023, all members of Skolfederation are required to adhere to the new SAML WebSSO Technical Profile. This means that the previous saml2int and eGov2 profiles no longer are normative for the federation. Discrepancies in the enforcement of the profile in Federationsadmin will occur in a period until Federationsadmin is adjusted.

Video discussion

You can find a video discussion regarding changes in the technical profile on Skolfederation's YouTube channel here (in Swedish).

The SAML WebSSO Technical Profile is part of the Skolfederation policy. All Skolfederation members that are connected to the Skolfederation SAML federation MUST adhere to the profile.

The profile is derived from the SWAMID SAML WebSSO Technology Profile that is based on SAML2int, thus inheriting attributes and characteristics from its predecessors to extend the possibilities for interoperability.

SAML WebSSO Technical Profile

SAML WebSSO Technology Profile V1.0.0.pdf

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If you encounter errors, have questions or are having problems dissecting parts of the profile, please get in touch with us at 

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